Farm Aerials #1

17 December, 2014

Plagued by rain and bad weather, the plan to get up in the air to shoot the harvest of 2014 almost didn't get off the ground.

After months of planning and weeks of waiting for the right weather, we finally got in that plane last Sunday that took us from Woodanilling to Newdegate and back.

Pink Lake Newdegate

This is a photo of a pink lake in Newdegate.  The amount of rain that fell in the area over the last several weeks, while disruptive to farmers eager to harvest their crops, did me a bit of a favour by filling the lakes up nicely.  The pink turned out to be more of a burnt orange, but I'm not complaining.

I tell you what, though.  While flying is such fun, I had a serious case of motion sickness.  Fortunately, our magnificent pilot Michael Harcourt Smith was fully prepared.

More photos to follow.


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