I'd Really Like Your Opinion On These Two Images

12 October, 2014

Please would you tell me which of these 2 images appeal to you more...

I was on the farm Down South, and it looked like the light was going to be just what I was looking for.  I had only 2 hours before scouted for the shot I had in my mind.  I jumped on the bonnet of the ute, set my tripod up, mounted my camera, and took a few images at various exposures and compositions.

I settled on this.  But now I can't decide which one I prefer.  What do you think?  Which appeals to you more?

The images are identical, except that the one on the right has a subtle texture and some desaturation.

Please would you comment - as detailed as you like.

Thanks... P


The one on the left

The colour stands out for me! Also, I like the fact that you can see a bit more detail in it.

I like them both, but was

I like them both, but was straight away drawn to the coloured one :)

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